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May 13, 2021

Invited by MD Anderson Center, Dr. Junrui Garcia and Dr. Jing Wang, the editor-in-chief and the associate editor-in-chief of Chinese Art Excellence Collection have brought the digital magazine Chinese Art Excellence Collection to a live streaming program.

They started by engaging their audience in a game of guessing the meanings of some oracle bone script Chinese characters. Followed by a discussion of similarities and differences between Chinese and West arts. After that, they have introduced why and how the editor board of Chinese Art Excellence Collection, have started working on the magazine. Finally they have engaged their audience to discuss the roles that the magazine Chinese Art Excellence Collection can and should play in terms of diversity.

Their audience were very excited to engage in the game, the introduction and the discussion.

This can be seen as a great step that Chinese Art Excellence Collection gets more involvement from communities other than Chinese.

Bellow is their presentation which they would like anyone who are interested in Chinese art can take a look.

Chinese Art Excellence Collection
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