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Representing YAH, Dr. Junrui Garcia's 11 Artworks Were Collected by PIN Passive Investor Network

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

September 30, 2021

Representing Young Audience of Houston, Dr. Junrui Garcia's 11 Small Chinese artworks were collected by PIN Passive Investor Network.

Usually her artworks go to collectors one by one. This time is different because PIN Passive Investor Networks ordered 11 pieces artworks of Dr. Garcia through Young Audience of Houston. She sees this as a special event. Therefore she have these works exhibited at Art Green Island.

Dr. Alexandru Spatariu, Director of LinkToAsia, Ms. Jianzhen Chu, one of the editors of Chinese Art Excellence Collection, and Roel Garcia, Junrui's husband celebrated the opening of the mini exhibition.

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