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Neighborhood, Identity, & Diversity Project: Ceiling Mural Art Workshop Brightens Alief Community

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Houston, Texas - October 7, 2023

The video is created by Liang Chen Film Studio

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and artistic talent, the Neighborhood, Identity, & Diversity Project 2023 recently concluded its Ceiling Mural Art Workshop at MedxSunshine in Houston, Texas. This collaborative project, spearheaded by a coalition of organizations including Young Audiences of Houston, Art Green Island, Color The Sky, Clemence Youth Foundation, Colors of Compassion, Seedling Sun, MedxSunshine, and Liang Chen Film Studio, aimed to infuse creativity, identity, and hope into a healthcare setting.

Dr. Chang Junrui, a famous artist and art educator, conducted the workshop. 60 young artists from the community participated in the workshop and expressed themselves through the colorful ceiling mural art. Each ceiling tile has been carefully painted into a colorful and imaginative artwork. These ceiling mural artworks will be installed at kidney clinics across Texas. The idea was to provide a comfortable and visually pleasing environment for patients undergoing dialysis treatment, replacing the monotonous and ordinary ceiling tiles with beautiful paintings created by these young artists. When these beautiful ceiling mural artworks find their way into kidney clinics across Texas, they will undoubtedly bring smiles and inspiration to those in need, transforming an ordinary medical environment into one filled with hope and Healing colorful canvas.

This event brings all youth organizations across the greater Houston area with a shared commitment to improving individual well-being and promoting community art and culture. By decorating the kidney clinics with ceiling mural art, it lifts patients' spirits during treatment while showcasing the artistic talent and creativity of Houston's youth.

The workshop also received strong support from Alief community organizations and students’ parents, demonstrating the power of collective efforts and artistic talent, and was a complete success. Community leader and famous social activist Zhang Jingjing said that this is a very meaningful youth activity. It builds a community platform for teenagers to display their talents, helps them actively participate in community activities, cultivates the inherent characteristics of youth leadership, and dedicates their talents and time. and energy to serve the community!

The workshop not only showcased the artistic talents of the young participants but also emphasized the importance of community, identity and the healing power of art. It is an example of how collaboration and creativity can come together to make a profound difference in people's lives.

Film director Liang Chen, co-sponsor of the event, believes that the Neighborhood, Identity and Diversity 2023 project and its close-knit teamwork demonstrate its social function in establishing and respecting identity across various social boundaries. Not only can it enrich people's lives, but it can also, in turn, shape itself in profound ways through social participation.

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