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2023 International Forum: The Habitat of Traditional Art in the AI Area

The online international forum "Traditional Art Habitat in the AI Era" sponsored by the Houston art journal "Chinese Art Excellence Collection” was held on Saturday night, May 6, 2023, 7:30-8:45pm Central Time, USA. At the forum, three guests Junrui Garcia, Wang Jiayin, and Wang Hua respectively introduced AI art, its features, applications, controversies in various fields around the world, and commercial application cases. After that, four guests Charles Liu, Wei Liang, Xin Li, and Qing Men made wonderful discussions on the development of traditional art in the AI era and the prospect of artists' survival. The forum was hosted by Jing Wang, deputy editor-in-chief of "Chinese Art Excellence Collection”, coordinated by the journal’s editor Jianzhen Chu. The participants came from the United States, China and other countries and regions. The forum went smoothly and successfully. This video shows the whole process of the forum. The exciting content of the forum will be published in the next issue of "Chinese Fine Arts", so stay tuned.

Forum Guests:

Charles Liu Mr. Liu is a famous Chinese-American artist, art critic and independent curator. He is the advisor and Chinese art columnist artist of the international art magazine "Chinese Art Excellence Collection". an art consultant and a columnist of traditional Chinese painting for "Chinese Fine Arts". Mr. Liu Changhan has been invited to participate in international art exhibitions many times, published more than 600 art articles, and held dozens of solo exhibitions in Spain, the United States, mainland China and Taiwan, and his works have been purchased and collected by major art museums in the United States, mainland China and Taiwan . He has planned a number of large-scale art exhibitions in the United States, Canada and Taiwan, and is the editor-in-chief of "Directory of Chinese Artists in North America" I & II, "Taiwanese Artists", etc. Write a column for "World Weekly", and write articles for "Artist" magazine in Taiwan and "Collection" magazine in China. He has published award-winning works such as "Centennial Chinese Art Images", "Art is So Beautiful", "A View of North American Ink Painting", "Visiting the United States and Canada - Discovering Art Museums", "North American Landscape Painting", etc. In 2011, he was honored with the NEA Challenge America Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. He is often invited to speak at art galleries, universities, and cultural organizations in the United States, China, and Taiwan.

Wei Liang Mr. Liang is a Chinese-American artist and he lives in Washington. He was graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts of China. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Washington. He is the oil columnist artist of the international art magazine "Chinese Art Excellence Collection". He has been creating freely for more than 30 years, and has held many personal art exhibitions all over the United States. His works have been selected in various exhibitions in the United States for many times, and are collected by art museums, various institutions and private collections.

Xin Li Mr. Li is the director, professor, and the member of the Academic Committee of the Art Department of Qingdao Institute of Art and Design, member of Shandong Artists Association, deputy director of the Oil Painting Art Committee of Qingdao Artists Association, deputy secretary-general of Qingdao Oil Painting Society, West Coast Painting and Calligraphy Academy Vice President. He is the oil columnist artist of the international art magazine "Chinese Art Excellence Collection". Presided over and completed the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Project of the Ministry of Education "Research on the Expressiveness of Color in Western Paintings and Its Influence on Chinese Paintings". His works were selected into the "First National Art Summit Forum" sponsored by the China Artists Association and won the highest award. Dozens of academic papers have been published in CSSCI source journals, and academic monographs such as "The Charm of Color", "The Dilemma and Countermeasures of Chinese Contemporary Art", "Overview of Classic Works of Foreign Painting Masters", etc. Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement Award in Colleges and Universities, Qingdao Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award; Oil paintings have won awards in national and provincial exhibitions and competitions for many times.

Qing Men Mr. Men is an art teacher of Shanghai Qibao Education Group, a member of Shanghai Artists Association. He is the oil columnist artist of the international art magazine "Chinese Art Excellence Collection". He mainly focuses on oil painting, and is also a master of traditional Chinese painting. His works have participated in art exhibitions at home and abroad for many times. In 1991, he held personal exhibitions in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, Japan. After that, his works were successively exhibited in the United States, Germany, France and other places. collect.


Junrui Garcia Dr. Garcia was graduated from Southwest University of China with a doctorate in education. She has taught in Gansu Longxi Normal School, Dingxi Zhonghua Road Middle School, Dingxi Normal University, and Jiangxi Normal University. Settled in the United States in March 2010, founder of Art Green Island, LLC in Houston. She is the editor-in-chief of "Chinese Art Excellence Collection". She is the teaching artist of Young Audience of Houston, art and yearbook teacher at T.H. Rogers School in Houston. She has published a number of academic papers in journals such as "Chinese Rural Studies", "Chinese Art Education", "International Progressive Education Journal", discussing the changes of painting styles, art education and other topics. Dr. Garcia has taken students to study in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Tainan and other places many times, and was invited to give lectures on Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, sand painting, and digital art in schools, libraries, and churches in various districts of Houston. His paintings and calligraphy works have been held many times Published, exhibited, awarded, and collected.

  Jing Wang Ms. Wang is the deputy editor-in-chief of "Chinese Fine Arts", columnist artist of acrylic and oil painting, and artist of calligraphy column.

  Jiayin Wang Head of Digitalization Project of HP Greater China, Product Marketing Manager, Senior Project Manager. From the perspective of digital project managers, we will introduce the current development status of AI in the field of art, future trends, the impact on artists during the development process, and how to view these impacts.

  Hua Wang Mr. Wang is a crafts artist, the member of HKDA Hong Kong Designers Association. He is also the instructor of CCIP (China IP Exhibition) and independent curator. He is the curator of the 2023 North American International Arts Festival, director of the North American China Council in China. Founder of IYA DAO International Young Artists Alliance, producer of "Dunhuang Music" exhibition, founder of Shanghai Xiutang Culture.

PDF version poster with the meeting link:

中国美术精品2023国际论坛- AI时代的传统美术生境
Download PDF • 1.65MB

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