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Workshop 09-08-2019: Semi-freehand Peony 3

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

  New school year, new projects!

  Art Green Land has two weekend art classes for the fall & winter of 2019. Saturdays are for the adults which mainly engage young scholars to enjoy art on rice paper. Each month we have 4 sessions, i.e. flowers, landscape, calligraphy and drawing. Sundays are for the kids from elementary and middle schools. They are having 7 sessions on drawing, 10 sessions on color painting and 3 sessions on a portfolio project.

  There were 5 young intellectuals joined in the first workshop on September 8. Four of them completed a semi-freehand peony flower painting on rice paper. They are really the easy to teach students which made the work so enjoyable.

  The other one has started a challenging project on fine brush peony which will take about 16 hours to complete. She did wonderful work on the first step. I believe that she will surprise herself one day when she finished this project.

  Many thanks to everyone! I am looking forward to work with them on more projects.

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