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Art Green Island

Art on Rice Paper Workshops

Art​ Green Island has been providing art workshops for art lovers since 2016. For details please check out on previous workshops. From now on our workshops will focus more on art on rice paper. 


Why art on rice paper?

1. Art on rice paper is a way of keeping mental health.

Recent years part of art on rice paper, the calligraphy was introduce to the United States as Chinese calligraphy therapy (CCT) a branch of art therapy that involves visual-spatial patterning of characters1. Many research on the effectiveness of CCT have been conducted2 3 4. Other research also expanded the method of the therapy which focus on not Chinese but English, the writing system that patients are more familiar 5.

Getting artistic therapy might be a great way in case someone was diagnosed with psychological disease. However, the best way for our mental health is to engage in some mental exercise just like jogging or biking for physical health.

2. Art on rice paper is a way to understand east, especially Chinese culture and language.

Art on rice paper is very different from any other art medium. It is mostly considered as Chinese art. It’s true that art on rice paper was initiated in China. Therefore, Chinese Art was named due to the dominant integration of Chinese philosophy and culture. Art on rice paper was introduced to Japan, Korea and other area of East Asia thousand years ago. It had made profound cultural and artistic meaning in East Asia. There are innumerable artworks on rice paper or silk were moved to the world outside Asia. Also, a lot of European, American tried or started to learn this art for different purpose, such as learning Chinese culture and language.

Therefore, consider traveling to China, doing business with Chinese, making some Chinese friends, or collecting some Chinese artworks, art on rice paper is indeed a unique way to facilitate you because it is a easy way to understand Chinese culture and language.

How to participant?

Art on Rice Paper workshops from Art Green Island are currently available in great Houston area. You can simply sigh up your favorite workshops by clicking below links for each month if you live in or close to the great Houston area. You will receive an email with more details about the workshop you want to attend and the guidance for you to pay for the workshops.

How the Art Green Island workshops work?

Dr. Garcia will facilitate your success by providing professional drawings, guiding you to follow the steps.

Topics: Landscape and flowers

Date and time: Every Saturday, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Price: $20.00/hour X 2 = $40.00 for each single workshop if you register 1-2 workshops.

         $18.00/hour X 2 = $36.00 for each single workshop if you register 3-4 workshops.

         $16.00/hour X 2 = $32.00 for each single workshop if you register 5 or more workshops.

Tools and materials: Included

Drinks and snacks: Included

Bonus: If you want your artwork be mounted, $5.00 is the price for the participants. 

To register your favorite workshops, please go to sign up page.

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