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Art Green Island

The 2 truths that Dr. Garcia wants to prove by conducting Art on Rice Paper Workshops:
*  Art is no only the way of life for artists but for everyone who loves peace and beauty.
*  Art on rice paper is not just for Chinese but for everyone would like to try a different medium.
Art on Rice Paper Workshops at New Covenant Outreach Church
July 27, 2019

          Different from before, this is the first time that art on rice paper or Chinese painting was brought to the New Covenant Outreach Church.

          Yes, there are a lot "never done" experience to handle. Therefore, Dr. Garcia has dedicated a whole month to prepare for this special, meaningful workshop. Roses, a symbol of special beauty, the love were selected as the topic of the workshop. To avoid failure Dr. Garcia decided to guide the ladies to paint no other colors but red roses. In addition of the sample painting and drafts, rice paper, Chinese ink, brushes, water colors were provided by the Art Green Island.

          Even for Chinese who know art on rice paper well and have experience, to create a piece of painting is not an easy task. Thus not unexpected, it was big challenge for the ladies that have even never touched rice paper or Chinese brushes to master these tools and materials. Therefore, step by step, Dr. Garcia guided the ladies get to know what the art on rice paper look like, how this type of art are recognized and categorized. The they were guided to be familiar to the tools and materials by doing some basic practice.

          Afterwords, the ladies followed the instructional steps to create their first art work on rice paper.

          Thank you, the beautiful ladies!

          Everyone had different painting. The basic steps are the same.      

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