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Ms. Ellen’s Birthday Art workshop with the Instructor Absent!

It was decided two weeks before Ms. Ellen's birthday to have an art workshop for Dick’s family. Then right the evening before the big day, I was fallen. My arms, face, legs...everything got really hurt. Felt really sorry. Then I provided the materials for the family. They organized and worked on the topic of sea creatures by themselves. Turned out they did wonderful work! Have to share this touching workshop with some of the results.

Family Art Workshop for Mother's Day at Dick's:

The Yellow Roses of Texas

May 11, 2019   Dr. Junrui Garcia has conducted a family art workshop for Mother's Day at Dick's house. All the art students were the ladies of the family. They all are beautiful like yellow roses of Texas. That was how the topic came from. 

Happy Mother's Day for Ellen, Crystal & Dee Dee!

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