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Art Green Island Chinese Painting Workshop Series 1: What is Chinese painting?



            As the summer arrives, Dr. Junrui Garcia has conducted Chinese painting workshop series 1: What is Chinese painting. Eight young scholars have attended this workshop.

          The workshop started by self introduction. Then guided by Dr. Garcia, the class discussed what is Chinese painting.

          “Chinese painting uses Chinese ink.” Steven says.

          “Chinese painting uses Chinese ink and colors.” Carol’s opinion.

          “Chinese painting mostly use black and white color.” Erick says.

          Jenny goes to a deep touch and says, “Not only that. Chinese painting express Chinese cultural value and spirit. It’s like the cultural symbol which differentiate it from other paintings.”

          “As Chinese we understand the expression of Chinese cultural value and spirit. However when it comes for foreigners, they don’t really know what is it. So I think when we explain what is Chinese painting, we have to talk about what is Chinese cultural value and spirit.” Mavis says.

           “I think what is Chinese painting is based on the tools and materials they use to create the art works that are different from western art.” American young scholar Matthew says.

          The discussion actually really touched the concept of Chinese painting deeply. So the discussion ended up with this definition: Chinese painting is the Chinese traditional art style. It uses Chinese art tools such as brushes, and materials such as ink, water colors, and rice paper along with the unique techniques to achieve artistic expression.

          The categories of Chinese painting vary depending on topics, techniques, and the orientation. By topics, Chinese painting can be categorized into flowers and birds, figures, landscape, animals, and antiques. By the techniques, we have fine brush, freehand, semi-freehand painting. Orientation and shapes divides Chinese painting into portraits, couplets, banners, strip screen, square, fan shaped, hand roll and album.

          After discussion, the attendances have completed the first step of their project: A Peony Flower in a semi-freehand style on a square shaped rice paper.

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