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Note:  Why ironing

Author: Junrui Garcia

For many reasons you want to iron your artworks on rice paper or silk. 

​1. When you want to participate Chinese painting or calligraphy competitions you would see one of the requirement would be "do not mount and mat your artwork". So many people would just send their wrinkling artworks to the committee. You didn’t realized that sending your wrinkling artwork would definitely greatly reduce the visual quality of your artwork. Being aware of this difference you would understand that ironing is a very economic but magic way to improve the visual quality and therefore could possibly change the destiny of your artwork.

2. When you just temporarily need to display your artworks, ironing is surely the best choice for the minimum investment to get the optimum effect.

​3. When holding a Chinese art competition or exhibition it would be the worst exhibition if you do not mount and matt the artworks. However mounting and matting all the artworks requires a big budget. At this condition, you would experience the highest value for the event. When the event end, it would be much easier to send the artworks back to the artists and the institute will receive zero complaint regarding the unsatisfied mounting and matting.

4. Besides Chinese artwork which were created on very thin and soft rice paper or silk, ironing also applies to other artworks such as watercolor.

With professional artwork mounting machine, Art Green Island provides the best artwork ironing services.

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