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Introduction of Art Green Island: What we do?

       Art Green Island, LLC is a registered US art institute which provides online and offline services to art lovers, art investors, young and adult artists. 

       Art Green Island partners with Young Audiences of Houston to provide additional workshops and residencies throughout Houston. 

       Art Green Island also partners with Art By All which provides a showcase and trading platform for artists.


       Not doubt that for the art collectors and lovers, collecting and enjoying art work is culturally and financially smart investment. Art Green Island (AGI) provides high quality art works for you to choose. You can even rent art works if you live in Houston, Texas. For more details, please see “Art Investment”.

      Many people always have genius like art ideas but cannot bring their own master piece out of mind to create their own art works. Art Green Island provides professional art classes and workshops for you to bring your art dream to live. Please check on "Workshops" or more details.


       In Terms of art education many people are misled by the idea of "art is just drawing and painting". The truth is that art education benefits people far more than just drawing and painting. Concretely, art education would benefit children by:

        1. Guiding them relearn the world and themselves through art. For instance, in an art class, they will know that a human face is not just a big circle with two eyes, nose, mouth... they will know that human have different shaped faces and facial parts. Even the same person would have different look depending on his/her mood and environment. Another example is that kids mostly color a tree as green. However in an art class he/she would be able to understand and see that there would be a big green color range on a single tree.

       2. Helping them create artworks that they wanted to but not able to.

       3. Building an artistic foundation for them to have a wider range of career development. Art is not just drawing and painting. It involves a set of activities include planning, preparing, organizing, creating, designing, processing, adjusting, presenting... They would unintentionally build up all the techniques and skills to become not just artists, but also architects, interior and exterior designers, fashion designers, industrial designers, photographers.

        4. Leading them to develop aesthetic sense about the world and enabling them to appreciate the beauties of the world.

         To facilitate young scholars' art journey, Art Green Island provides systematical art education for them. In addition, excellent artworks of young artists can be published on Young Artists Excellence Collection.